Rain Rain Go Away…GBR!

Ok well this weekend Lance and I are headed to Seattle to once again cheer on the Big Red as they take on the Washington Huskies!

I can’t remember the last time I’ve been so excited for a Husker road game!  It’s always fun going back to Memorial Stadium to cheer on the boys….but there is just something about road games that make them one of a kind!  Esp with Husker fans…anyone sporting red will cheer “Go Huskers” when they see that you too are wearing red…and you all of a sudden become BFFs with one common purpose…cheer as loud as you can for the boys in RED!

Sadly..the weather is not looking too fab…rain rain, and more rain.

{ via NWS }

Luckily I picked up some rainboots at Target last night…along with a couple heavy-duty red ponchos, and a new umbrella!  I’m a bit un-fashion forward…and don’t have skinny jeans or jeggins…so pulling off these rainboots may be a challenge…

So with that I’ll leave you with a little rainy day wedding inspiration!

pic via Stephanie Williams

pic via EAD

Inspiration board via Wedding Rumors

pic via eventdecorator.com

(Perhaps I could just wear my wedding dress with my rainboots?!…haha…yeah right like I would do that…ok maybe i would.)


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