Friday Hodgepodge

Well….you’d think we took a trip back in time with that post title huh?!

For you newbies…once upon a time I actually wrote posts more often than once a month…and on Fridays I called them “Friday Hodgepodge

1) I still Love the Vikes even though they lost to the Saints…it was only the first game.  Although I’m a little concerned to hear my Fantasy superstar Percy has been diagnosed with sleep apnea…’Harvin A Good Time’* needs you Percy!!!!

2) I’m feeling a mad need to make chili and spend an entire weekend on the couch knitting and watching football.  This is good because my needles are in need of a work-out…and my feet are in need of another pair of these

I also stumbled my way onto Knit Pics early today for the first time in months…only to discover new colorways (well new to me neways) of  their Shamrock yarn which I love to use for these fabulous slippers.  Quinn is my fave

Alas I already have 5 skeins in another colorway so I will force myself to use those up first.  Woo-hoo for stash-usage!

3) Turns out Lance & I have some cute friends…and Salt Lake City has some sweet new-ish photographersCheck em out…looks like they are offering killer deals for their amazing skills.

{pics by Kanzlerfoto}

Side Note:  The cute chick pictured above was my other amazing personal attendant…she did things like use her steller handwriting to address ALL our invites?!  …oh and basically showed me the world of make-up beyond mascara and powder…among many other things.

Alright ya’ll…have a good weekend!  Do yourself a favor and watch some football!!

* ‘Harvin a Good Time’ is my fantasy football team’s name..recycled from last year…when I was Champion.  booyah!


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