as in Go Big Red!

The first Husker game is just 2 days away…and I am crazy excited!  This is by far my favorite time of year.  In fact our original plan was to get married in the fall…but we knew that if we wanted to have it in Nebraska…we would only be able to have it on a bye weekend…which was of course solidly booked up.  We Nebraskans love our Huskers!

It has become a tradition (3 years running!) that Lance and I head back to Nebraska for the first game each year.  In fact last year this weekend we took our engagement pics!  So I’ll be on a plane tomorrow headed toward the ‘sea of red’!  Coincidentally we will be staying in the same hotel this weekend as we did for our wedding.

But of course I couldn’t leave ya without a little wedding-recap-randomness right?!

(FYI it’s Husker related…obv)

Knowing that a lot of friends and family would be in town on Friday before the wedding…Lance wanted to do something fun…so he set up a tour of Memorial Stadium.

fun fact:  that tall building sticking up behind the bleachers (above) is Oldfather Hall… I spent many hours there during my undergrad days

I am super bummed I didn’t get to go with!  I was out getting my nails did with my girls…and it was the only time that it worked 😦  Apparently the tour was awesome and everyone had a blast.

No worries…I got to fulfill my need for the stadium’s aura on our wedding day!

After we got ready and did our first look…(posts on those fun things to come)…Lance and I headed toward Memorial Stadium with Khara and rocked a few shots taking advantage of the neat arches on the outside of the stadium.

Then our fabulous wedding party showed up…and we took some killer group shots!

I think this one (above) is my fave wedding party pic!

then we did some walking…obv…arm in arm

I can’t figure out why but I love that last pic!  I mean it would be weird in a frame right?!  Maybe it’s the fact that you  see the stadium…but the random observer would have no idea that is what it is.  Regardless…I Like it!

So with that I leave you…have a great weekend!  Watch some football!

Go Big Red!


6 thoughts on “GBR

  1. OMG we totally took our engagement pictures at our alma mater’s football stadium and I didn’t even think about trying to get some there on the wedding day! Love these and can’t wait to see the rest 🙂

  2. BEAUTIFUL photos and I definitely get why you love the last one. I think it would be awesome in a frame with two others next to it or something. I think it’s great, captures a happy moment very naturally!

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