The Tale of Mr Fuzzy

Meet Mr. Fuzzy

Now believe it or not…this little orange guy was an honored guest at our wedding.  Let me explain…

It all started When I first arrived in Vegas for my bachelorette weekend.  I hopped off the shuttle at PH excited to get my first drink and was greeted by two of my good girlfriends who were already in town!

Among the hugging, “hi”-ing, beer-handing, suitcase-carrying maddness…my friend and BM (we’ll call her Frank…for various reasons) kept speaking about someone named “Mr Fuzzy”.  Then she continued to flash this crazy plastic packaged thing in front of me that could only be described as a young child’s toy.

{pic via here}

While I attempted to check-in and speak with the nice man behind the desk…Frank kept going on and on about this weird fuzzy thing…that she apparently bought from some street vendor…

{pic via here}

Now at first I thought maybe Frank had already had a few too many yard-long margaritas at La Salsa Cantina…but then I reminded myself that this is Frank we’re talking about…this sort of thing is very typical for her.

We spent the rest of the day trying to find scissors so we could see this marvel that is “Mr Fuzzy”…eventually someone lent us a pair and we were in business.  Unfortunately Frank did not realize Mr Fuzzy was attached to a string and in deed not magical on his own.  She tried and tried…but still couldn’t get Mr Fuzzy to do his tricks.

We assured Frank that if she spent enough time practicing…she could do a Big Show for us at the wedding.  For the rest of the Vegas trip I don’t think 10mins past without a mention of Mr Fuzzy…Frank even did a late night photo shoot with him.  Needless to say…without Mr Fuzzy my bachelorette weekend would not have been the same!

Fast Forward to our wedding.  Excited for the Big Show…I asked BM Frank if she had remembered to bring Mr Fuzzy.  She hadn’t!!  Luckily my sister found an off-brand Mr Fuzzy at Wal-Mart.  (Yes apparently this thing is popular enough that it also has an off-brand nemesis).  Thanks to Franks efforts….and lots of UTube Mr Fuzzy video tutorials…Mr Fuzzy was brought to life!  His crazy tricks entertained us while we got our hair done!

Unfortunately Mr Fuzzy did not make it into any of the formal portraits that day…but he did sneak into the Shoot Shack with the Vegas crew…

See that little orange thing toward the bottom left of the picture?!  Yep..thats him.

Frank busted out some mad tricks with Mr Fuzzy for the shoot shack… Can you spot the fuzzy man??  flying through the air!

Later Frank did a little photo-shoot with the little fur ball…

So there ya go.

Mr Fuzzy…a VIP guest indeed.


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