Random Wedding Pic Wednesday

That’s right…it’s Wednesday…and I don’t have a lot of time to blog so instead you get a random pic from the wedding.

Well actually it’s more like  a “before” and “after” picture adventure.

Remember this $2 birdcage I scored at an auction…like eons before the wedding??!!

yeah…pretty nasty…but oh the potential!!  I knew it would make a killer card holder.

Then a little while later I spotted this strikingly similar cage over on EAD

{pic via EAD}

Which my step-dad used as “inspiration”…although I’m sure he wouldn’t refer to it as that…to repaint my lovely auction find into this!

{pic by Khara}

Ta-Da!!  Pretty crazy transformation right?  We toyed with adding some ribbon/signage…but decided it looked better au-natural!

So there ya go…a random pic from our wedding…with a little back story to it 😉

P.S  I randomly decided to join the tweeting world last week…mostly because I was bored…but also so I can secretly stalk Justin Bieber.  You can find me here!


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