Our non-rehearsal rehearsal dinner

Our rehearsal dinner…in bullet form:

  • The Invite:

designed by KimsCustomGifts on Etsy printed via Vistaprint

  • The Food

designed by yours truly

  • Our Guestbook Poster (remember from this post!)

  • The Happenings

So we didn’t have your typical ‘Rehearsal’

why?  because our venue was booked the night before…when rehearsals normally occur.

so what did we do?  we stood around in a circle about an hour before the dinner started and went over the ceremony logistics…

Based on these pics you might think it was all very confusing and I was a nervous wreck…but actually it worked out great!  We even had a few laughs!  I think the guys appreciated how quick and easy it was…no waiting around and walking up and down the aisle several times.  Instead they were able to spend more time here

The bar area we had all to ourselves.

  • Then we ate…

the desserts were huge…

and delicious…well at least the few bites I actually had of mine were!

  • Lance and I thanked everyone for being such amazing friends and family and for all their help in this long planning process

  • Lance’s mom read a poem she had written about lance…and then how he met me and our life together thus far!  It was really neat 🙂

  • We watched our slideshow

  • My bridesmaids and I took some fun pics

Then we just spent the rest of the evening catching up with family and friends.  We had the upstairs reserved till close so we were able to invite our out-of-town guests to join us after dinner.  It worked out perfectly as we didn’t have to try and find another bar or restaurant to go meet everyone at.

It was a great dinner/evening to kick off our wedding weekend festivities.  I remember feeling like the night just flew by and suddenly it was time to head back to our hotel, say goodnight to Lance, and get some sleep before the big day!

* all pics courtesy of our family and friends


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