He’s Back

Yes…I am referring to THEE Brett Favre…aka my future second husband.

{pic via associated press}

Lance’s life pretty much revolves around football…obviously it played a huge part in us becoming a couple (our mutual love for the Huskers).  I’ll admit when we first started dating I was not a huge fan of the NFL…College Football was my first pigskin love.  But…I also quickly learned that if I ever wanted to see Lance on a Sunday (and/or Monday evening) I better throw on some purple and tag along as he watched every game.

It didn’t take long before I was hooked…I think it was Fat Pat that did it for me…because the Vikes really didn’t win too many games the first season of my fanhood.  Somehow…slowly but surely …I found myself becoming a hard-core fan…yelling/cursing/throwing stuff included.  Then last year Brett threw on the purple and pretty much became my favorite Viking over night (sorry Adrian…i still love you!)  Heck I even drafted the guy for my fantasy team…much to Lance’s amusement.  What can I say…I was a believer early on.

And now he’s back…and this redhead couldn’t be more excited for 09/09.

Now how can I make this wedding related…ah yes.

Lance’s cuff links…my gift to him.

It took a little shirt surgery to get these suckers on…

…removing of buttons and hole-cutting was involved…I guess thats what you get for wearing a normal dress shirt and not a tux one.

So if when the Vikes win the Super Bowl this year you can thank me…cause I’m pretty sure it’s good luck to wear your team’s logo on your wedding day 🙂

*last 3 pics by Khara


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