shoes & a knitted garter

If you recall…these were the shoes I decided to wear on my wedding day…

{so pretty-ly photographed by Khara}

I loved them!  …and I was determined to keep these suckers on till after our first dance…which I successfully did!  I don’t actually remember them hurting my feet much…but I must have been blissed-out and numb to pain because I had zero feeling in the majority of my toes for three days after the wedding.

Didn’t they look great with my freshly pedicured purple toes??  Talk about going the non-traditional route!

I love this pic Khara secretly snapped of them when I was heading upstairs at some point during the reception…most likely headed to the shoot shack!

And of course…they looked fabulous paired with my beautiful purple garter

Hand knit by my dear friend C…

She has mad knitting skills…seriously…isn’t it just amazing!?!?  Oh and the yarn* is a knitter’s dream…100% lamb’s wool yumminess!

It was definately one of my favorite details from the entire day.

If you’re thinking of knitting up your own garter…check out C’s pattern on Ravelry!

*yarn is Jade Sapphire – Lacey Lamb

** all photos by Khara


3 thoughts on “shoes & a knitted garter

  1. 2 things:

    1. LOVE the purple pedi.

    2. Same thing happend to my toes. I had my shoes on from 1:30pm-2:30am. I had no feeling for the first week of our honeymoon…actually worried that I’d done permanent damaage!

    Excited for the rest of your recaps.

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