The winning photo…

is A!

It was hard to pick!  At first I was convinced we would go with C, the windmill one…but as I read your comments and thought about it more…I kept going back to this one!

In B, the one of us sitting, Lance is  talking…which maybe that is only obvious to us…but I thought if we blew it up it would look goofy.  Then C I really really like…but I figured it might be odd to hang a giant pic of us kissing in the living room.

So we went with A!  A 20×30 print fits the entire photo (hooray for no cropping needed!) and it has a more artistic feel which I think will fit in our living room better.

Thanks for all your input…def helped!  Can’t wait to hang this sucker in our house…I spose I’ll have to post some pics when that happens 😉

Oh and I ordered prints of the other two as well so they will still be on display somewhere in our house….bedroom perhaps??


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