Which one would you get a giant canvas print of??  (thinking 20×30)




A, B, or C??  Let me know your thoughts!

Location of said canvas print TBD…most likely living room or bedroom. Sadly we don’t have a fireplace mantle for displaying it…so we will have to get creative!

*all pics by Khara


12 thoughts on “Help!

  1. They all look SO GOOD! I think I would choose A, though. It seems to be the most artistic, and I think it would look sweet as an enlarged canvas.

  2. Oh I love them all! I REALLY like C but A would be so beautiful blown up. I love portraits where the scenery is just as interesting as the subject.

  3. Took a survey in the office and the winner was B. A looks like you aren’t connected to each other and we decided you might get tired of looking at kissing all the time, but we do love the shot, I thing you will enjoy looking at those purple shoes and your beautiful smiles for years in B

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