Recap Rewind

Here is where I re-start our recaps…because quite frankly…that last post bored me.

and if it is boring to me…then it must be a giant snore to everyone else.  I mean sure…I get the idea of recaping a day as it happens…but lordy those long posts just take it right out of me!  If I continue on this path you will either

a) not see pics from our first dance till late February


b) I will get super bored, never post, and just throw down a bunch of photos without any explination or true emotion.

I mean all you really want are the pretty pictures and the unique/funny/crazy moments right?!

So here’s how things will roll from now on…I’ve been loving A Mountain Bride’s “recap” style…very whatever-is-on-the-mind-at-the-moment-esq.  I’m thinking of going at it this way if it’s cool witch ya’ll.

If I’m feeling it…you will see it.

And if I forget to mention something you’ve been dying to know about…speak up!  Chances are I will be excited to tell/show ya all about it!

However…if you dig the traditional recapping style don’t worry…I’ll be laying it all down over on Elizabeth Anne Designs that way and I’ll let you know whenever posts go live!  Like for instance…check out my latest post on the rad gifts I got/made for my BMs!

Phew I feel like a weight has been lifted!

So in that case I bring you random photo #1 from our wedding…

That’s right…I’m showing you a picture of beer.

Why you ask?  Well for those of you that don’t know me…I love microbrews.  Our non-rehearsal-rehearsal-dinner was at a brewery in downtown Lincoln…nuff said.

Living in Utah “full-strength” beer (as we locals refer to it) is not easily obtained…you have to by it by the bottle at ‘State Liquor Stores’…and most brewers just say F-it and don’t even bother sending their stuff here.  Giant Sad Face 😦

In fact…we can’t get any of the beers pictured above in Utah (here’s where you offer to bring/ship me lots of yummy beers because my life is so rough…).  Due to this…Nebraska has quickly become a beer oasis for Lance and I…and when we set out to pick some for our wedding we I was like a kid in a candy store!!  Big Happy Smiley Eyes!!!

Lance questioned whether our guests would actually drink microbrews fearing we would have left overs (gasp!) and might have to take a couple cases back with us (oh the horror!!!!)

…well I was quickly able to say “I told you so” when they went like hot cakes that day!

Utah friend C (picutred to my left in hat): “Dang Steph…these full strength beers are making me tipsy!”

me:  “I know C!  I’m not used to anything above 4%…woohoo I’m married!

So there ya have it…beer was one of the things that made our wedding awesome.

Till next time!

** both pics by Kabloom Studios…2nd pic from our rockin’ shoot shack!


One thought on “Recap Rewind

  1. You know I love microbrews! Cheers to you for tackling your wedding recaps in a more lighthearted fashion. You’re right — I’m still not totally through mine and we’re coming up on our first anniversary! (At least I wrapped them up on EAD.)

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