Hitched! : Pre-Wedding Week

Woo-Hoo…let the recaps begin!

No better place to start then the week leading up to the wedding right?!

We set off for Neb from SLC the Saturday before with our little Honda Civ stuffed to the max in wedding goodness.

{Lance loves cruising along I-80!}

We spent the night in Cheyenne to break up the 12+hr trip and made it into Nebraska on Sunday.

{yes there is an arch on I-80 outside of Grand Island…very touristy…gotta love Neb!}

With it being a holiday on Monday (Memorial Day), and feeling pretty exhausted from our long car trip…we spent Sunday night relaxing with a little fire pit action in my parents’ backyard.

Monday was our designated “Decorate Mason Jar Day”…my Aunt, my older sister, and a friend of my mom’s all came over to participate in the fun.  I didn’t really have any specific guidelines…just threw down some twine, purple & grey ribbon, a little lace, and everyone got to work!

My mom collected jars from various auctions around town throughout the year…we ended up with quite the variety as you can see.

{My older siser loves decorating jars!}

Just before we left I came across these cute little ‘Mr’ and ‘Mrs’ tree ring signs on Etsy.

{pic via LittleWeeShop on Etsy}

Love Them!  I knew they would never arrive in time so instead I put my super-talented sister to work on making something similar.   We already had a ton of tree slices (thanks to my step-dad) that we were planning to use as table decor for the reception…so I picked two…drilled a couple holes…and presto we were set!  Instead of using a wood burner my sister just painted on the Mr. & Mrs.

They turned out super cute!

{signs in action…pics by Khara}

By the end of Monday we had all our jars decorated and ready for the florist, I had completed our programs (thanks to this easy to modify template via A Mountain Bride), and finalized our numbers for the reception.  I remember feeling overwhelmed with the little things I still had to complete (make signs for the cake table, finish our slideshow for the rehearsal dinner, get the flip-flop basket set up, print off/fold the ceremony programs, etc, etc, etc) it seemed like I would never have time to just relax and have fun!

Tuesday was full of last minute tasks for Lance & I.  First up was getting our marriage lisence!

After that we dropped off all the jars at our florist** in Fremont and finalized our flowers.

Then it was off to Lincoln for my hair trial!  Yes you read that right…I had my hair trial a mere 4 days before the wedding.  I wasn’t worried though because I knew I was in good hands!**  The trial went great and was crazy quick!  All I did was show her a couple inspiration pics and bam she went to work!  I was happy with it and felt completely confident that I would have rockin’ hair come Saturday.

After the hair trial Lance and I headed to Omaha for a meet-up with my Aunt and our string quartet** to hear the music for our ceremony that I had them working on (more to come! eeee!).  It went great and my nerves started to settle as I finally got to see all the details slowly coming together.

Wednesday was another full day of tasks…first up was finding the perfect ‘Love Tree’…aka the tree we would ‘plant’ as part of our ceremony.

We finally decided on a Fur tree.  Mostly because it was small enough to fit in the car for the ride back to Utah…and also because it was Charlie-Brown-Christmas-Tree esq.

{Us with the Love Tree…giant Starbucks was a must throughout the week}

So then it was a mad rush to finish up the flip-flop basket, throw together all our stuff back into the car…and head to Lincoln before a meet-up with our DJ**.  We were staying at the Embassy Suites so it was vital we got there in time for the Free Happy Hour in order to have a Happy Lance

So here is where I admit that Lance and I threw together our ‘Do-Not-Play’ and ‘Must-Play’ lists about 10mins before we met with our DJ.  It was one of those things we just kept putting off…and in the end didn’t matter what so ever…our DJ rocked it!  With the final meeting/appointment checked off we were set to relax and enjoy the rest of the weekend!  Well at least Lance was…I still had a list of things to do!

Next up…our friends and family come to town!

** I’ll do a post with all our vendors in more detail after the recaps…so I can tell you all how awesome they were!


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