A Mountain Wedding

Oh man…we had a blast at the wedding of one of my dear SLC friends this past weekend 🙂  Such a perfect pair…and a gorgeous setting…I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

My good friend C and I!  She was one of my personal attendants…and she made my garter too!!

The Scene


The lodge where the reception was held

The groom was escorted by his mother…and the couple’s dog!

The beautiful bride…escorted by her parents

They read a poem together…entitled ‘Fireflies’ by Nighi Nguyen…such a neat idea!


From this day farther we’ll always be together.
We’ll watch the sun rise and watch the sun set in the horizon.
Together in those cool spring evening, hands in hands, we’ll walk down those magical places, places only the two of us would know.
In the summer evening, we’ll hold each other and close our eyes, we’ll watch the stars far above, we’ll think about tomorrow as the fireflies spread their wings and fly, fly into that freedom sky.
In the winter, it’ll just be me and you in the warmth of the evening.
We’ll walk on the snow, make imprints that’ll last forever.
Just hold me in those cold winter nights and I’ll be right there to hold you.
We’ll watch the falling snow, we’ll sit before the fire and cherish the moments we’re having together.
In the silent of the nights, we’ll always be together forever.
Don’t be sad because I’ll always be here with you, don’t be sad because I’ll always be there no matter where you are, and I know you’ll love me and be there like I’d be for you.
Through the cool springs, warm summers, and cold winters, we’ll always be together no matter what happens.
Just close your eyes and dream of tomorrow because we’ll always be together.
And if one day one of us no longer is here, just once again think of those spring, summer, and winter nights.
Close your eyes and let the fireflies lead the way for us to once again be with each other.


Us again!

Me and the Bride!

Beautiful flowers in mason jars!

First Dance as Mr. & Mrs!

Aren’t they just the cutest couple?!

We’re so happy for these two crazy kids!!  Hooray!


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