Painting machine

It’s true…this past weekend I was a painting machine.

A week after the wedding Lance and I closed on our very first house!  So as you can imagine my life has suddenly become consumed with turning this house into our home.

So after several trips to Lowes…collecting paint sample after paint sample…we finally settled on a color for our bedroom.

GREY!  I know I know…we are very exciting people.

Anyways…I won’t get into how incredibly awesome I am at putty-ing nail holes…and on the flip side…how horribly awful I am at taping (arg!)…instead I’ll just show ya some pics!

(a little background:  the previous owner was a 40+ yr old bachelor who did a lot of remodeling in some places…urinal in the bathroom anyone?!?… and others not quite so much …so yeah it is in DIRE need of a women’s touch!)

ok here is the BEFORE pic:

notice the lovely painted swatches on the wall…and the disgustingly dirty curtains.  I rather enjoyed ripping those nasty suckers down.

just another view of the room…as you can see we are in desperate need of a bedroom set….add it to the list!

OK now here is the ‘IN-BETWEEN’

Got some paint on the walls!

and the “ALMOST-AFTER” …I say “almost” because really all we did was paint the walls and put our new bedding on.  Once we get a nice bedroom set and some stuff on the walls I will consider it “AFTER”

What we really need ASAP are some curtains for the screen door…I’m thinking some white ones from West Elm??

So there ya go…first house painting project in the books!!

**did anyone notice our fingerprint tree guestbook (check the 2nd to last pic)??  Wedding recaps to come very soon…rumor has it our album and disc of images are in route to SLC!!


6 thoughts on “Painting machine

  1. I want to paint sooo bad. We rent so unfortunately that’s not an option. So I’ll just live through you 🙂 Love the color and LOVE the bedding!

  2. Oh my gosh, I’m planning to paint our bedroom grey, we had the same wedding day, AND we did the guest book tree! Seriously can’t wait for the wedding recaps since I’m pretty sure we have the same mind 😉

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