cute summer tables

My mind has quickly shifted from ‘must-find-all-things-fab-for-WEDDING!’ to ‘must-find-all-things-fab-for-HOUSE!’

For the first time ever (that we’ve lived together anyways) Lance and I have a backyard…and a lovely deck that we can usually be found eating dinner on.  Thus I suddenly find myself drawn to pretty summer-table-settings like this…

ok ok…so maybe the real reason I like this table setting is because of this cute jar…

awww that’s me!

Regardless…I’m feeling a real itch to grill up some burgers, make a pitcher of Sangria, and invite some friends over 🙂

*table setting and cute pics by Sarah…who apparenlty has a cool friend named Steph 😉


One thought on “cute summer tables

  1. Oh how I wish we had a patio (or even a balcony). We couldn’t afford one of the swanky balcony apartments in our building. Love your inspiration, though! And yes, it’s so funny how after the wedding a bride will think of ANYTHING other than wedding to keep her mind occupied.

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