The Dress!

So before I get started on my wedding recaps (aka…wait for our pro pics!)…I figure I should back up a bit and fill you in on all that stuff I didn’t have time to before the Big Day!

Like say…MY DRESS!

Here she is hanging up…minutes before I put her on!  Notice the ugly plastic hanger…yeah just one of those things I forgot to do…wish I had ordered one of these!

If you’ve been following along with me since the beginning of my planning stages…then you are well aware I was dead set on getting a lace dress.  No bling and no poof…Just lace, lace, and more lace!  While I had fallen in love with Monique’s Scarlet…

I was not so much in love with the price.  (Paying for the wedding on our own + buying a house = no Scarlet for Steph)

Nor was I as patient smart as Abbie to scour the web to find a pre-owned one.

So on the hunt I went…to find something similar but within my budget.

I tried on several.  I think I ended up going to a total of 3 different bridal shops!  But…they just didn’t measure up….sure they were pretty…and I felt pretty in them!  …but none of them had the “look” I was really going for.

Sorry…not the best pics…what is it with bridal stores and horrible lighting?!?

I actually was very close to just giving in and buying this gorgeous silk gown that was fitted down through the hips with a sweetheart neckline…we weren’t allowed to take pics in that particular store but it looked similar to this one…

I of course was not ready to commit way back in Feb of 09 when I found said dress….so I decided against it.

Fast forward to June 09…when I decided it was about time to get back out there and see what Utah had to offer.  My fabulous friend Abby came along for moral support and we hit our first (and only!) stop…Mary’s Bridal in SLC.

After trying on several dresses…much of the same as I had tried on before…I was ready to pack it up and move on to the next place.  Oh but then…THEN…one of the lovely workers suggested I try on just one more…one she had in mind and thought would look great on me.

Well you can pry tell where this is going…the dress she brought out was it!  I pretty much knew it once I unzipped that bag and saw the thinness of it, the all over lace, and of course…the gorgeous open back.  Being the money-conscience shopper that I am I quickly eyed the price tag…and my heart sank.  It was about $800 more than I could spend.  I knew everyone was waiting for me to come out…(somehow I was the only person in there on a Saturday) so I threw it on…and I sorta slumped out hoping it looked awful on me and that I would hate it.

Of course i didn’t…I loved it.

So did Abby…and the 3 ladies working.  When they asked me what I thought…I said I loved it…but it was out of my price range.  Then one of the sales girls said something amazing, “I’ll give you %40 off that dress…if you buy it off the rack”.   Uh what?!  Being a nerd…I quickly did the math in my head…and holy bananas…it was suddenly within my budget!  Abby and I did a full inspection of the dress searching for any small imperfection, rip, tear…anything that would make buying the dress a mistake.  We couldn’t find anything…so I bought it.

So who the heck makes this fabulous dress anyways?!  St Pucchi.

Yep I had no clue who that was either….it took some digging but I eventually found it online.  Under the ‘Sposa by St Pucchi’ line…page 7…style z206.  Yeah the model looks a bit…odd.

Now if you are super observant you’ll notice the sash on the original dress has bling all the way around it…and some weird jewel thing on the back.  I was not a fan of this…so we took it off…and replaced it with a brand new sash tied in a bow.

this pic was from my final fitting…all ready to go!

Much better!

Phew ok that was one long post!  Thanks to those of you that made it to the end!

Before I go I just want to give my ‘2 cents’ to those that are currently out there looking for the perfect dress…ahem…Shelley 🙂

1)  Don’t settle…the right dress is out there…you just may have to dig a little to find it.

2)  If you have your sights set on a dress you know you shouldn’t buy can’t afford…channel your inner Abbie and check  sites like and  Or like in my case…it never hurts to ask for a discount/buy it off the rack!

3)  If you love everything about a dress but one tiny thing..chances are that tiny thing can be removed/cut/changed…just ask.

4)  HAVE FUN!!  Buying your wedding dress is not supposed to be stressful or annyoing…if you aren’t feeling it at one store…move onto the next one!  Take a friend/cousin/sister/mom/cat…just someone you know that will smile and make you feel good in each dress you try on.


7 thoughts on “The Dress!

  1. Oh wow!! What an amazing offer! The sample dress that I tried on was so torn up I doubt they would even put it up for a sample sale lol. Gorgeous dress, gorgeous bride 🙂

  2. Gorgeous…it looks just lovely on you! 🙂

    Side note: I LOVE YOUR WEDDING DAY HAIR!! What a gorgeous style, please post more pics! 🙂

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