one month

Today marks one month exactly since Lance & I said our ‘I Do’s’!   Crazy!  I really have no clue where this past month went…oh wait yes I do 🙂

It started off with a week in Nebraska (and the wedding!)…followed by a week of moving… then it was off to Jamaica for our Honeymoon!  …and now here we are…July 5th…with things finally starting to slow down a tad as we unpack our life in our new house and make it our home 🙂

So to celebrate…I’ve got some non-pro pics from our ceremony for ya!

I love this pic taken by my friend Christy… one of my amazing personal attendants.  As you can see I had a pretty long walk up the aisle to get to Lance!

Saying our vows!

This is my favorite pic of our “hand ceremony”…as you can see I was really studying Lance’s hands.


Walking back down the aisle as Husband & Wife!

( I LOVED my bouquet!)

I love love love this pic of Lance and I after we reached the end of the asile…with the back of my dress and the sash blowing in the wind..beautiful!

Alright well thats all you get for now 😉

I hope to start the pre-wedding re-caps soon…and then once I get all the pics from our photographer I will continue with the wedding day itself!!  woot woot!!  So stay tuned…fun times ahead!

* all pics taken by our friends and family


2 thoughts on “one month

  1. Sooo pretty!!! I love your hair/dress/flowers…love it all!! And I hear ya about life being crazy post-wedding. I’m just getting caught up on my Reader from my honeymoon (which was at the end of MAY). Good lord. Can’t wait to see more pics!!

  2. Don’t you just LOVE reliving your special day!? We are creeping up on our “two month” mark and I still love sorting through our pictures. Love reading your blog!

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