…as in the Post Wedding Chop!

two weeks ago I set off to donate 10 inches of my red gorgeousness to ‘Locks of Love‘!

First we have the self-portrait-in-the-mirror before pic…

and then the After (two weeks later…)!

ok yes…I took these on my laptop just now…whatever you get the point 🙂

So far so good!   Although pulling my hair back for running has proven to be a bit difficult…bring on the bobby pins!!  This is actually my second time donating to locks of love…last time I did 12 inches…eeek!  I might be addicted…

fun fact… I found out that the salon I go to donates all the cut hair to an organization that makes mats from it that are used to help clean up oil spills.  So even if I didn’t give it to locks of love it would have gone toward another worthy cause…how cool!

And now… because you have all been such patient readers…here’s a quick pic from our honeymoon in Jamaica!

granted you don’t see the ocean…but believe me…it was beautiful!!

more to come…eventually!


6 thoughts on “PWC

  1. Looks great and totally perfect for summer!!

    I cut my hair off and donated as well after our wedding. They got two (yes, TWO!!) 10″ ponytails out of it and I was finally headache free!

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