Weddings with Baggo

Kick ass…

via here

oh and ones with flip flops too!!

My step-dad is currently in the process of making our baggo boards…yep pretty sure they are gonna rock!  I’ve already seen some of the “accessories” for them…I guess you’ll just have to wait for the pics 😉

Oh and did anyone head to Old Navy this past weekend for their $1 flip flops??  I headed out at 8am to get me some…unfortunately I could only take 5 pairs…and Lance refused to go to Old Navy at 8am.  Good news is I think we’ll have plenty of pairs with what I got last year and these!  I even found a cute basket for them!!

We’re down to T-11 days!!  I have been busy busy busy trying to tie up lose ends, finish some last minute projects…and well…basically just making sure I don’t forget anything like ya know…. our wedding bands!  (which are awesome…if I ever get around to showing pics!)  Oh and wait till you see my garter!!  It is AMAZING…my friend Christy has mad knitting skills!  I love love love it!!

In other news…my good good friend (and BM) Shelley got engaged!!!!   Needless to say MUCH celebrating will be occurring when I see her in a week!!  Plus…now I’ll have somewhere to throw all this wedding knowledge after I’m hitched!!

Ok that is all for now!  Cross your fingers I get everything done…and that the weather is wonderful for our Big Day!!


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