buried under to-do lists…

Just wanted to say a quick HELLO to anyone who actually stops by still!  I’m currently buried under to-do lists…slowly but surely things will (hopefully) get checked off!

We leave in 10 days my friends …TEN DAYS!!  and the wedding is a week later…ack I’m sweating just thinking about it!!

anyways…here’s some fun pics from fun weddings I’ve seen when I actually get a chance to check my reader…the inspiration never ends…even with the wedding just a couple weeks away 🙂

Any wedding with burlap, mason jars, and chalkboards is pretty much the ‘best wedding ever’ in my book.

via SWM

of course if you have a cat and hay-bails…you definitely get a thumbs up from me too…

…oh and beautiful flowers and gorgeous purple BM dresses don’t hurt either 😉

via SWM

Tomorrow is my final pre-wedding event…a ‘wine-tasting’ shower with my ladies here in Salt Lake!  Super excited for this one…I mean it involves wine…how can I not be stoked?!!  Which reminds me…I still need to fill you in on our ‘Suitcase Shower’ Lance’s aunts had for us…or should I say sent us.

So much to blog about…so little time to actually blog!

Someday my friends…someday.


2 thoughts on “buried under to-do lists…

  1. I hear ya!!! Although we’re a little further out, we’re buried under things too!! And what’s this real life thing getting in the way of wedding planning??

    Hang in there!

  2. Love, love, love the purple shoes! Anychance you know where she got them? I have a friend who is getting married and wants some just like that!


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