Our Invites!

A couple things before the “big reveal”

1)  We are a month and 2 days away from THE day…



…that is all.

Now for the real reason for this post…besides me freaking out.


The invite on the left, and the front of the RSVP postcard on the top right, and the back on the bottom right.  I just love how casual and fun they are!  They turned out perfect!

ok so I didn’t blur everything out…I mean they are just too cute to!  So please for the love of god do not stalk me or try to crash our wedding.  Thanks.

how about we get a little closer…

cute huh?!  Don’t ya just love that little barn..and those birds on the tree branch?!

When I first came across the Heartland invite on Hello Lucky! I thought it was cute but didn’t think much of it beyond that.  Fast forward a couple days when fellow blogger Abbie sent me a bunch of links to cute invites and there it was again!   For some reason after looking at it a second time…I was SOLD!  I mean is it not perfect?!…I think ‘Heartland’ says it all!  Plus I found a 20% off code via Weddingbee!  Can’t argue with that!  It was meant to be.

A couple weeks after placing the order…I came across this post on Whisker Graphics‘ blog and thought….hey I can do that!  It just so happens that I ordered some green Divine Twine a while back…perfect!  So I typed up all the names in  a cute font, printed them off on some gravel-colored paper from Paper Source (to match the invites) and punched them out with a giant punch!

Time consuming yes…but totally worth it if you ask me!  Here’s how they turned out

Then I stuffed them in purple envelopes stamped with our lovebird return address stamp…

I got them all sent out before taking off to Vegas…and my mom has been sending me daily updates of the RSVPs she has been getting.  As of today we are up to 91 guests!  wowza!  Can’t Wait!


3 thoughts on “Our Invites!

  1. Yay! I’ve been waiting for this update. I am freaking out at how awesome they look… and you know I’m a sucker for twine. 🙂


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