gettin’ fitted

Today is my first dress fitting!

Finally…after hanging out in the back of the bridal store since I bought it last June…my little lacy goodness and I get to meet again!  I’m a tad nervous.  My dress isn’t exactly simple …in that it doesn’t just have a basic strapless neckline or a basic straight hem at the bottom (am I giving too much away here??)  Last night I had a dream that somehow my dress looked like this post alterations…

but short…I mean reallllly short….and for some reason everyone around me told me it looked wonderful.  Keep in mind that my dress looks NOTHING like this…not even a tiny bit…I mean really…red?!  that isn’t even one of our colors!

Anyways…I figure they must be pretty good here in Utah…after all…they add sleeves to sleeveless dresses all the time.  (I am almost 100% positive that the Autum who wrote that article is the gal that helped me find my dress…AND that is where I’m getting my alterations done…by the lady at the bottom…so I mean that must be a good thing right?? )

Oh so I also hope to figure out which lovely pair of purple shoes I’m gonna go with…I have 2 pairs right now that I am debating on…

via DSW

or these

via Zappos

Right now the RSVP pair (the second ones) are the front runner.  Only issue is that the strap is a bit tight around my ankle…I could add a hole…but I didn’t want to do that yet in case I don’t go with them and want to return them.  The only thing that worries me is that they pinch my foot a little around the toes.  I am hoping this can be remedied by wearing them in a little before the big day…or I could wear a skin colored band-aid.  Plus I will likely take them off later in the night and switch to some comfy flats!

I like the first pair a lot too…they are more pointy…but the heel is a little lower, and they don’t pinch my feet.  My foot actually comes out a little bit when I walk…which is super annoying.  Does anyone know a fixer for this?  I could add some padding to the front of the toe maybe?  I really can’t go down a size or my toes won’t fit in the front part…I have wide feet and short toes!

I’m also a tad tempted to buy these…

via Zappos

They have that cute red heart on the bottom…which would be fun for photos (yes that is all I think about…j/k).

So yeah…that is where I’m at in the shoe department.  I’m all ears if you have a favorite pair of the 2 (3)…let me know!

*don’t forget to enter my giveaway!!!  …as of now no one has commented!?  So basically you have a pretty darn good chance of winning!


7 thoughts on “gettin’ fitted

  1. Yay! I’m so excited that you’re getting to try your dress on. (Not living vicariously thru you at all.) Love the second pair. Try to wear them with socks for a little bit around the house. It should stretch the toes out a bit to make them not pinch so much. OR, you could take them to a cobbler who may be able to stretch them. They have tools for that kind of thing. Plus, LOVE the heart on the bottom!

  2. Wow finally the big day!! Hope it goes well. They will work their magic, and it will be perfect for your day. I love all the shoes. I would wear the first pair, so you probably shouldn’t choose those. I love the RSVPs. The heart ones are cute too. I think you should go with the RSVP. Don’t stress over it too much. Make sure they are comfy because you have ruff ground to walk on. Happy selection.

  3. love the shoes! from experience… i bought similar caparros for my BM’s in brown, and a silver pair for me. 6 weeks before the wedding i had a chance to wear my silver ones, and they wouldn’t stay on my feet. come wedding day, the girls were trying everything to keep them on – bandaids, double stick tape, nothing… most switched to flip flops the second i said, “I Do.” i really didn’t want them in flips, but gave in so they were comfy. the shoes i wore all day were more like your #2 – and they were great! i only ended up taking them off at about 11:30pm… which then totally ruined my dress… my advise- if you plan to wear flats later– especially if you end up on grass – go with flats the whole time – and have your dress altered to that length… (the 3rd shoes are fierce, by the way… but maybe a tad high for really wearing all day!)

    good luck!

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