flats…and some tulips too.

I remember seeing this wedding a while back on Melissa Jill’s blog…and made a mental note to post it…and much like everything else I make mental notes about…I forgot.

Until today…thank-you BC!

There’s a few things I love about this wedding…first up…the purple flats!

I sorta want to get a pair….and those socks!?  Yep…Lance and his GM are wearing the same ones!

oh and then there are the beautiful BM bouquets…

Love it!

oh and the cute BM dresses too…

and last but not least..tulips!

…and how cute are those tiny S&P shakers?!

For more of this beautiful purple wedding head on over to the Cafe!

*all pics by Melissa Jill via The Bride’s Cafe

**Coming up next….my first GIVEAWAY!!!


3 thoughts on “flats…and some tulips too.

  1. I saw some purple flats yesterday and almost took a pic for you, but I decided not to! I wish I had. Trying to remember where I saw them now…

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