Friday Hodgepodge

so remember when I used to post these??  haha…yeah that happened all of like 2 fridays…oh well…it is Friday…and so bring on the Hodgepodge!

A lot has been going on in the land of wedding planning…yesterday we reached the 100-days-till mark…which means we are now in the double digits!  eeeek!  Not only that…but work and everything else has been crazy busy as well…which may or may not be to blame for my lack of posting.  So with that…I’ll just touch on a few recent things and hopefully find time to dig deeper into them in later posts 🙂

* So when I went back home I had my bridal shower!  …and because I’m lazy and don’t want to re-post…you can read about it here.

* Also back home I met with our florist…and since I didn’t go in with a “I MUST HAVE THIS FLOWER!!!!!!” attitude I got to hear her suggestions and we just sorta came up with stuff as we went along!  I think everything is going to look great…I’m not really worried at all.  I still need to gather some photos to send her of bouquets, bouts, jars… so she can have a better idea of what I’m after when it comes time to putting things together.

* I also met with our pastor and went over some readings/stuff that we want to include in our ceremony…I think it will shape up to be pretty awesome!  I’m excited to work more on this and make it personal to us and memorable for our guests!

* I went looking for shoes for a bit…and stumbled upon these…

but in grey…love them!  I tried to get my sister to buy them to wear with her BM dress…but apparently the heel isn’t high enough.  Yeah we’ll see how she feels about that when she is sinking into the grass…teenagers.  Anyways…I like them and they DO come in a plum color

…but I’m not sure.  Maybe it’s just me but this almost looks more “berry” than “plum”.  Perhaps it is just my screen…and in real life they are more of a purple color.  So anyways…the shoe hunt is still on…I’m considering just buying a few pairs online and trying them on…and then returning the ones I don’t like.  I’m just not seeing much that I like in the stores I’ve been too….at least not for a reasonable price.  (oh and I’m considering finding a cute pair of flats to wear once my feet get tired…which I’m sure they will)

*  After I find shoes I’m making a B-line for the dress store where my dress currently lives..all alone…so I can get that sucker sized!  I have this weird fear that the lady is gonna say…”um yeah…we can’t alter that to fit you”…I know…lame…but this is what I fear.  Thus the sooner I can get shoes and get the dress fitted…the better.

*  I am one proof away from finalizing the invites.  There was something about the first proof that just didn’t look right…and then the second proof made the first look much better…ugh…decisions.  Don’t worry…as soon as these are finalized, ordered, addressed, and sent out I will reveal them!!  (Sorry…it might be a month or two…just saying)

OK SO ENOUGH ABOUT WEDDING STUFF…it seriously is taking over my life!!!

Let’s talk about fun non-wedding related things shall we!

Last weekend a bunch of Lance’s guy friends were in town…it was great to see them all again…and all at the same time!  On Saturday we all went skiing up at Snowbird.

us looking awesome in our grey hats…(I knit mine btw!)

You might find this hard to believe…but even though the resorts are a mere 20mins from our house…we never go.  I guess I just never really got into it…never mind it is one of the most expensive hobbies I think a person can have…I mean $50+ for a lift ticket!?  And don’t forget all the stuff you need…like $100+ snow pants, coats, and $70 gloves.  I mean whoever is making this stuff is seriously rolling in dough.  I think I’ll just stick to my $100 pair of running shoes every 6 months.  But it was still fun…even though I spent a majority of my time on the chickadee slope…and then when I attempted a ‘green’ one…I fell and got laughed at by all the 6yr olds flying by me…ok not really but I’m pretty sure they were laughing in their heads.

All in all it was a fun weekend that ended with me getting to meet a blogger in real human form!!  Abbie!! She was in town with her friend to do a little Ikea shopping…ya know…the place where you justify buying a giant Wok…even though you rarely make wok-esq food… just b/c it is $7!  You can read about her account of the trip here…including a scary accident we wittnessed!  Crazy Utah drivers!!!

We went and had dinner at one of my favorite local eateries…The Porcupine…they have a wide selection of local brews on tap (pry cause you can’t get away with having normal beer on tap here in UT) which is why I love going there…oh and their food is pretty good too 🙂  Anyways…we talked about wedding stuff…non-wedding stuff…random life stuff…funny stuff…and then dinner was over and it was time to go!

Abbie left me with 2 big boxes of mason jars (hooray!) and after I dropped her and her friend off I was pretty sure she would never email me again!  haha!  I was pretty nervous about meeting her…kinda like going on a first date!  We had been emailing/commenting back and forth for quite some time so when it came to actually meeting I was worried she would think I was a total nerd …or super lame.

But all was well (minus my crazy driving) and it was so fun to finally get to meet her…she is just as cute and as fun in person as she is on her blog…actually even more so if you ask me!  I’m jealous of her short hair…I can’t wait to chop mine post-wedding!!  Hopefully our paths cross again and we can meet up another time…but until then we always have email and the internets!!

OK somehow this post become less hodgepodge-y and picture-y…and more just me blabbing.  So I will cut myself off and update you on knitting and running stuff later!  (YES I still do both!)  Oh and how I failed my final test for the push-up challenge (only 60!  wtf!)…no worries…I’m not giving up that quickily 🙂


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