yep…love it

this wedding looks really fun…and the GM shirts (and ties!) are awesome!

No seriously…Lance and I always joke about buying these giant-animal-all-across-the-front shirts and wearing them around to embarrass each other.  We are easily humored.

haha…it just makes me laugh.

see what I mean?!  it looks like they are having a blast!

When Lance and I discuss what we want the “feel” of our wedding to be the one word that we always come to is ‘Fun’…we want our guests to have fun…like the kind of fun where you are sad that it has to end.  Because in the end that’s what people remember….not the color of the napkins.

So if you are in need of a little friday fun…check out the rest of the pics from this wedding shot by Jill Devries.

(who took all the fun pics you see here!)

*Oh and BTW…their colors were a mix of purples, grey and greens.  Sound familiar??  And the bride’s dress is beautiful!!!


One thought on “yep…love it

  1. You are SO right that it needs to be all about having fun. One of my besties got married in October. Their reception was in a roller skating rink, the food was nothing special, we ate off of styrofoam plates and plasticware. But I had SO MUCH FUN that even thinking back on it now I wish we could do it all over again.

    I constantly have to remind myself of this when I’m getting so stressed over all the little detais that really don’t matter in the end!

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