well hello

My name is Steph…I run this here blog…and every once in a while I attempt to actually post something.  So here we go for another exciting installment of random ramblings by me.

First…an update on the 100 pushups challenge.  I am not going to lie…it is hard.  Actually I think the first week was extra hard for me b/c I failed to completely read the directions about how much time to rest between sets.  yep by the third day I was supposed to wait 2 mins between sets…I only waited 1…and my arms were not happy with me.  But alas I made it and I am now trudging through my 3rd week (week 5 of the program).   So far so good!  If I make it through this week I will move onto the 6th and final week of this thing…and become superwoman.

ok so maybe my arms look nothing like Ali Vincent’s…but at least I feel stronger.  Oh and I feel pretty bad ass at the gym… that is until I jump on the treadmill and blow my nose into my shirt.  I can’t help it…it’s like someone turns the faucet on my nose as soon as I start running!  Yes in case you were wondering I STILL RUN…just not doing any race training at the moment.  The ‘Dreadmill’ and I aren’t exactly BFFs so I try not to talk about it much.

Let’s see what else….oh yes….the wedding.  Stuff is happening folks.  This wedding is creeping up fast…and I feel like I’ve got a mountain of stuff to get accomplished!  Where did the time go?!  I noticed today that people are booking their rooms!  Nuts right?!  I mean in a good way….that means people are actually planning on coming.  Although I’m suddenly panicking that I didn’t block enough rooms.

In a little less than a month I head back to Nebraska to do a plethora of wedding related things.  The biggest being my shower!  I’m really excited for it and can’t wait to see everyone!  I’m also meeting with our florist on Valentine’s day…how appropriate right?  So I need to get to work digging through all my saved images and put together some type of collage of inspiration pics.  I’m also planning to meet with our pastor and go over some ceremony stuff…which I have yet to figure out.  See what I mean…a MOUNTAIN of things to do!

Oh and wanna know what else I’ve been working on putting together this past week along with 10 of my girlfriends??  Why a bachelorette trip to VEGAS of course!

it is going to be pretty awesome…and the perfect last hur-rah with some of my favorite girls before married life (which will be equally as awesome!).

So yeah…that about gets you up to speed.  As you can see I am a busy bee…but I will try my best to post updates when I can!!


3 thoughts on “well hello

  1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am jealous of your Vegas bachelorette–sounds like it will be a ton of fun! 🙂

    P.S. 100 Push-Ups Challenge = killer!

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