Headband-ing it

It is true…I am very indecisive…I may have mentioned this before.  It drives Lance insane…and isn’t one of the best qualities to have when trying to plan a wedding.

an example.  I thought I wanted some type of flower piece in my hair…but now I think I want to headband it…just like this bride did.

I am Loving these new lace-y vintage-y headbands from Oh My Deer.

*above photos via Oh My Deer

Ban.do has some beautiful options as well…although a bit out of my price range…dang!

*above 4 photos via ban.do

I was just recently introduced to the lovely shop Pluma…which carries some gorgeous options as well.

loving this purple one! (obv.)

*above 3 pics via Pluma

So now the question is…what type of headband do I go for?   With an all lace dress this might be tricky… A simple band, some beading, lace…oh man…so many decisions…so little time.


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