…push-ups that is.

I usually don’t make “resolutions” for New Years…but I always at least aim to do something better or try something new with each new year.  So now that it is 2010…(and the year of the wedding…finally!) I figured what better time to start the 100 push-up challenge than right now!

I’ve been thinking about doing it for oh like a year now but just never actually started it.  So here I go blogworld…let the pushing-up begin!

I did the initial test on Saturday and managed to squeak out 40 consecutively (woot woot!)…which actually means I’ll start the challenge at week three.  Ok so maybe I should admit that push-ups have been a regular part of my workout for the past 6 months or so…pretty sure when I first started I could barely do 10….just goes to show that the more you do something the stronger you get and the better you become (just like running!).

I’ll do my best to post updates on how I do…and let ya know when I complete the 100!  Operation Bridal Arms begins!!


3 thoughts on “100

  1. Good for you!! I hate to say that one of the things that I HIGHLY recommend for all brides (and wish I’d followed my own advice) is to work their arms! If your arms are toned, then you look amazing. Period.

  2. impressive and inspiring – you will look FAB in your dress and have the photo evidence to prove it! GO GIRL!

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