so I just came across this photo…

as a photo-booth idea via Martha Stewart.

Maybe it’s just me…but this screams PROM no?!  You remember…at Prom…when they made you stand with your date in front of some cheesy backdrop…and then of course you HAD to buy the prints!  Does anyone else see it??

But this got me thinking…isn’t the photo-booth fad* just a morphed version of the “Prom backdrop photo”??  I mean it started with just a picture of everyone in front of  a simple backdrop…which turned into a fun fabric patterned backdrop…and then someone threw in a few picture-less-frames…and a funny hat and sunglasses….and now…hanging moons and stars!?

I think we’ve gone full circle kids…our weddings are now just glorified Proms.**

*side-note…I loved prom when I was in highschool…and the cheesy pics…and so yes I have to admit…I actually really like the photo-booth fad...but I probably wouldn’t hang moons and stars.

**next thing ya know we’ll be giving our weddings titles like…”A Night to Remember”, or “Enchanted Under the Stars”…wait isn’t that sorta what a theme is?  crap…we are just having big Proms huh.


2 thoughts on “Prom

  1. Uh, I think weddings were always just our adult versions of prom. What else do have to draw from?

    Besides, call it what you want– charity event, sweet 16, prom, gala, wedding– a big group of people dancing and eating always looks the same.

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