Merry Holidays!

Lance and I are staying in SLC this year for Christmas…and so unlike the rest of the world…I am at work today (gasp!).  I know I know…I am pretty hardcore when it comes to work.

As I watch the snow falling outside my office window…I figured this was as good a time as any to wish you all out there in BlogLand a very Happy/Merry/Festivus Holiday!!

Here’s a sneak peek inside our little Holiday Abode…

We’ve got our tree (albeit fake)…

our stockings hung…

The best smelling “winter” candle of all time…

A few too many e-pics on display….(well according to Lance anyways)

Some yummy holiday treats

A beautiful handmade wreath on our door (from my EAD secret santa)…

and some little paw-prints in the snow (from Nori…she loves to sneak out)!

So to your and yours…I wish you a very Merry Holiday!!


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