Why yes…I AM a tease

I know I know…I feel really bad about teasing our Save-The-Dates…and then completely disappearing off the face of blog-land.  Not to worry…I am alive and well…just been hectic at work and busy getting things festive for the Holidays (read: shopping/packaging/wrapping/crying over the husker loss to Texas/Vike-watching in AZ/eating a lot/kicking butt in Fantasy).

So…onto our Save-the-dates!

A little back story…as much as I would LOVE to claim that I have mad design skills…it is sadly not the case.  However…our photographer does…so that is exactly who we had whip up our STDs!

We started with something like this…

and ended up with this!

pretty darn cute no?  I love them…I think they fit the look/feel we are going for with our wedding!  Fun, relaxed, and country-ish.  (the little bird is pry my 2nd favorite part after our pic!)

The size is similar to a letter envelope…perfect for hanging on the fridge!

So there ya have it….I hope it was worth the wait!  I’ve already received several wonderful comments on them from our friends and family…so that’s good!  Oh and suddenly our website has over 600 views…so maybe I should get around to finishing it huh.  (hmmmm…maybe I should do a post on that little project at some point too…)

* for more on the design story check out my post here.


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