Things I suddenly find myself wanting

November 19, 2009

…that I didn’t even think twice about before.

Succulents in jars with burlap table runners.




…or just some potted ones.



Striped Straws in grey.



to use for drinking out of cute jars



and lace-wrapped bouquets



with a little hanging down…


It’s amazing how much my vision has changed since starting this wedding-planning adventure 12 months ago!!  Some details I gawked at a year ago are now on my want must have list…crazy.

3 Responses to “Things I suddenly find myself wanting”

  1. skiwall Says:

    I have a sewing machine, and I know how to use it! Let’s pick out your fabric and make some table runners?

  2. Jenn K. Says:

    I am so obsessed with succulents. Daily obsession. I didn’t even know what they were until wedding planning.

  3. jessica Says:

    so true! there is so much stuff like this on my radar now, since planning a wedding. for me, one thing was cake plates (the pedestal kind). i don’t even think we had any at our wedding, but i now have two at home because i like them so much.

    (and hi! thanks for your nice comment on the post at bk bride!)

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