A yarn lover’s dream

I have a zillion things to blog about…but haven’t had the time (or energy…) but when I came across these images on Once Wed I just HAD to share…a wedding full of YARN!  Yes YARN!  (well actually it is an inspirational shoot…but if this is the inspiration…imagine how great the wedding will be!)





brace yourself for the greatest ring shot of all time…


brilliant no?!  I’m considering bringing a ball of purple Malabrigo along to the wedding just so I can score a similarly awesome ring shot!


I have an embarrassingly large stash full of random skeins of yarn…I can’t help it…there’s just something about the different colors and fibers that I can’t get enough of…I often wish I could just decorate our house with yarn balls…but we have cats…not such a good combo.  This wedding is pretty much a yarn-lovers dream no?

*all pics by Kellan Studios via Once Wed…go here to see more!


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