Sorry…this post will not be too exciting…

I’m just wondering if anyone out there has advice about who/what/where to go for an easy/but cool wedding website??  I realize the ‘knot’ has them…but I’m just ‘knot’ that into the knot…if ya know what I mean.  SOOOO…any ideas??   I’d love to hear what others have done for their websites…good and/or bad experiences.  What I really want to do is design one in iWeb (b/c I have it on my laptop and it looks super easy)…but I don’t think I want to publish it to a .Mac account…but I’m kinda clueless how the buying-a-domain-name-hosting thing goes…so any suggestions would be awesome! (you can email me or just post a comment) thanks ahead of time!!


6 thoughts on “websites?

  1. We bought a domain name through GoDaddy for two years for super cheap… and used the mask feature to direct people to our real site that was through

  2. looks interesting.. i have a knot site but am considering moving all that info to a place with an easier-to-remember address before i go telling everyone to go online for information. wedding window and eweddings have a lot of nice functions, but i don’t love the page designs…

  3. We are using its free and if you link your registry’s through their site you can get money donated to the charity of your choice! I have also heard wonderful things about and their free templates

  4. I would highly recommend, they are free but have the option to buy your own domain name, and they were so customizable and not cheesy. They even have designs that coordinate with certain lines of invitations. Check them out!

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