mini love-book

So last Thursday…when our beloved huskers were down 12-0 against mizzou…Lance said he needed to get some air (he gets really into the games…) so I told him to go get the mail.  Well guess what he came back with…


A little album with some of our ‘love shoot’ pics from Khara!  Now I won’t say that getting this in the mail caused the huskers to come back in the 4th quarter and score  27 unanswered points and win…but it may have put me in a good mood…which kept me from giving up…and I’m pretty sure that’s why they won.

Anyways…our cute little album now has a home on our coffee table…along with two other little photo-books I’ve made on Shutterfly (i know…not nearly the quality as Khara’s but still….).  I like to refer to them as our ‘love-books’….Lance confuses them with coasters.


I love our new “mini love-book” …I’ve pry looked through it 25,000 times already.


Now i just need to order some big prints to frame and hang all over our little townhome!


4 thoughts on “mini love-book

  1. Steph,
    You forget that it was me walking Murphy around the block that changed the Husker’s fate that night. Ha! Very exciting to get the photo book. Can’t wait to see it some day.

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