Seeing how it’s Friday…

and this has been a pretty good week…

Huskers won…Vikes won…Lance turned 28…got our e-pics back…*all BM dresses ordered…

I”m gonna let you in on a little website I found that does giveaways…every day…and they are cool too.

The Bright Side Project

Picture 2

I can’t remember exactly how I stumbled upon it but I’m glad I did…there’s just something about the possibility of winning something that I can’t get enough of!  (In fact on Monday I found out I won a **free poster size print from UPrinting!)

This month is stuff for the home…and who doesn’t need cute stuff for their house/apt/bungalow/loft?!?

So head over there and comment away!  …although if you win and I don’t…I might hate you.


*more on this adventure to come

**I still have no idea what to have printed…maybe a cute poster for our reception…it could double as a guestbook? ..anyways I have till Oct 31st to figure it out…so I’m sure I”ll be posting more on that later.


One thought on “Friday-ness

  1. Congrats!!! i will check this out – thanks!!!!

    and the Poster – i LOVE the idea of a signed guest book– maybe Khara will give you the rights to use some of her photos… or you can “have” the cats at your wedding, in poster size!!!!!!

    have a fab monday, friend!

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