Rockin’ the Lens!

ACK!  So it’s been a week since I last posted…yeah sorry bout that.  But I have some eye candy for you…so hopefully that helps!!

So after 3 weeks of patiently (read: hitting refresh every 5mins on Khara’s blog) awaiting our e-pics…they are done!!  Of course it was when I was NOT looking that she posted them…I was in the midst of making dinner when I got a text…”your pics are up on the blog”!  WHAT?!  You better believe I inhaled my food (not so good) so I could get on my macbook and check those suckers out!

So without further ado…a small sample of our pics 🙂








Downtown Lincoln…CORN…a rockin’ tire-swing…mugs with our cats’ faces on them….I can’t get over how awesome they are!!  There’s a ton more in the online gallery I have to sift through and pick my favorites…it will be hard to not order all of them!

You MUST run over to Khara’s blog and check out the rest…and then come back and tell me which ones are your favorites!  OH and if you’re family or just curious…shoot me an email and I can give you the info to see the gallery!!


9 thoughts on “Rockin’ the Lens!

    1. Thanks Abbie!! I have to go through all 75 of them and pic my faves…its gonna be tough!! hopefully I can come up with some cool ways to use them as reception decor!!

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