Non-Wedding post…

My aunt requested something NON-wedding related on here…so here we go…

Um I promised pics from the baby knits I was working on…so here they are!  Finally!



One of the petal bibs I knit…I also made one in a lavender color…but didn’t snap a photo of it!  These knit up rather quickly once I got a hang of short-rows…I’m glad I did though because now I think I can actually work on the ballet flats I’ve been meaning to make for oh like a year now…

And now for the cutest little tiny baby booties…


please forgive the poor lighting…I literally snapped this photo mins before we had to leave for the wedding so I could gift it!  I knit the second one almost completely on our flight from SLC to NoDak!

and here they are in action!


So there ya have it…some knitting FOs!  OH and this time of year is by far my favorite time for knitting…with football and the cool weather I find myself sitting on the couch a lot more…so hopefully that translates into even MORE FOs!!  On the needles right now are a pair of House Slippers for Lance…which I promised to him over 2 years ago!

OH and my friend C…that first introduced me to knitting now has a blog!

Picture 1

She is much more talented than I and is gonna start posting patterns on Ravelry…in fact she just submitted one last night and the link is on her blog…it’s a pretty sweet dude-hat!  Check it out here!


3 thoughts on “Non-Wedding post…

  1. gosh- you are WAY too talented… i just do straight lines!

    now i have wasted the last hour stuck on your ravelry page wishing i could be so good!!!

    and thanks for sending another awesome blog to follow on the google reader!

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