ok…so if you have heard of and/or watched Colin’s show on ESPN2 called SportsNation…then you should get the title.  If you haven’t…well its a show about sports (obv) where the nation (anyone at home with internet) can answer several polls and chime in with tweets.

So this is my version…mostly because I like polls.

(these are all very random yes…but if you are like me you won’t be able to resist!)

oh and if you are reading this in google Reader…you might have to click over to actually answer these rad polls!

Lance and I have been on a Mad Men kick lately….we just finished season 1 and it is awesome…Lance thinks he is Don Draper.

With football season upon us…our apt is starting to resemble the inside of a Buffalo Wild Wings…minus the delicious boneless wings.  Due to the fact that both our favorite teams (college and NFL) are not “local”…Lance subscribes to BOTH the College Gameday package and NFL Sunday Ticket through DirectTV…like I said…the inside of a Bdubs.

I am almost positive that i make the world’s greatest Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip cookies…

The season 2 finale of True Blood is in two weeks…I sorta like this show better than any of the Twilight books…

ok ok…I will make the last one wedding related 🙂

Well I hope you enjoyed StephsNation…maybe I’ll do it again sometime!  Or maybe…I’ll just wait till I have some more relevant questions to poll y’all about.


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