A Nodak Wedding: some pics

Just a few pics from the wedding this weekend!  I tell you what…I’m exhausted from all the activities over the weekend and I was just a guest!  Enjoy the pics!


Me and Lance at the “party on the bay” on Thursday before the wedding!


Lance with some of his longtime friends…all 3 will be in our wed party.


Lance and I at the rehearsal dinner…it was set up on the groom’s mom’s deck…which was pretty awesome.


Lance heading toward the aslie with a BM!  (I sat in the back)  The guys wore white shirts and ties, while the BMs got to pick their own black dresses.


here comes the bride!


the ceremony


the kiss!




The guys clean up pretty good!


first dance!


Lance & I…my dress has pockets!

ok well thats about it…it was a beautiful wedding with perfect weather.  We had a lot of fun and it only made me more excited for our big day next June!


2 thoughts on “A Nodak Wedding: some pics

  1. I love the dress you’re wearing in the last photo. Absolutely adorable!

    I am thinking of doing black bridesmaids dresses and allowing them to pick their own, too. I think it is the only way they will actually wear them again and get excited about shopping for one! We’ll see.

  2. cute dress, missy! and great photos – i know the B&G will appreciate that you got such great shots!

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