…as in months to go!  and we’ve already been engaged for 9…so basically someone could get pregnant and have a baby all before I get married.  (really puts it in perspective doesn’t it)  sweet.  although I must admit time is going by pretty fast.

anyways…i made a new inspiration board.  (click on it to make it bigger)


sources: twinkle jars, welcome, pictures, clothes, windmill, table, bride with maids, colors, cakes, jars, sign, baggo, jars/candles, masonjar, cookies.

I think I like it…it includes a lot more specific details that I want to have like the wooden signs, the mason jars, baggo…etc.

so what do you think?  kinda different from the last one huh?


2 thoughts on “10

  1. Love it! Seriously… I’m thinking you need to swing by Steamboat and borrow all my stuff! I’ve got a green window shutter, mason jars and wooden signs. I would totally let you use them. 🙂

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