stalking myself

ok confession…I stalk my own blog.  I subscribe to my own blog on google reader (pathetic yes I know)…. mostly so I can make sure it actually posts the way I want it to…or at least thats what I tell myself.  I also stalk my ‘stats’ page…I find it quite interesting actually.  Its fun to see where in internet land people are coming from and what posts seem to get the most attention.

My favorite stalkable stat….”Search Engine Terms”    Recently I have noticed one phrase in particular that seems to send me a lot of traffic…”green and purple wedding”.  OK seriously…is everyone and their dog having a green and purple wedding?!?  Is this the new “brown and pink” wedding combo??  I don’t know why this is bothering me but it is…I’m worried that by the time my wedding rolls around this color combo will be old news and boring.

If I wanted to drive my mom and lance crazy I’d just say screw it and switch to one of these lovely combos:


teal and red…from here


or yellow and grey…from here

(hmmm…anyone want to take a gamble at the over/under for how many hits I get from these two combos?)


One thought on “stalking myself

  1. Once you’ve settled on a color combo, you miraculously see it everywhere. Your eyes are just more tuned in. Your wedding will be YOURS, so don’t sweat it. 🙂

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