It’s a Girl!

no don’t worry…I didn’t have a baby this weekend…but one of Lance’s friends did…and it’s a girl!!  Which means…time to do some knitting!!

OK so the plan is to knit a couple things to take and give the happy new parents when we are back in NoDak for a wedding in August…what I get done just depends on how much knitting time I can squeeze in and how frustrated I get with working on size 2 needles…I mean that’s practically a tooth pic!?!

Baby projects in the Rav queue:

Saartje’s Bootees:

Ravelry pattern can be found here.

saartjebooties*image via pattern by Saartje de Bruijn

I’m going to use the seamless version of this pattern found on Fleegle’s Blog.  I have some sock yarn that I’m thinking of using…finding ways to use up the stash is always a good thing.  Hopefully I don’t get too frustrated with these and they come out super cute like I know then can.

Petal Bib by Leigh Radford:

found in the book One Skein


*image via Leigh Radford’s website

I’m still debating on what color to knit this in…I still have to stop by the LYS and get the yarn so I guess I’ll decide then!

I’ll be posting FO pics once I get these done so stick around!


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