Me:0 Procrastination:12,357

Once again I’ve been beat by my ridiculous tendency to procrastinate…not sure why I do it…its not like i get some kind of Joy out of waiting till the last minute to do things… Anyways, Lance and I had been planning on running the Park City 1/2 marathon since like JANUARY…so finally we got around to actually registering this weekend…and it was SOLD OUT!  what? why?  seriously?  you mean I’m not the only one that wants to run in the mountains, uphill, in the late August heat??

I’m pretty disappointed…now I can’t justify all the burgers and beer that come with summer time by running 20+ miles a week. dangit.

Lance says he still wants to “train” for it…just to take advantage of the “get-in-shape” part of training which I’m totally fine with but its just not as easy when you don’t have that final goal ahead.  Well we do have our engagement pics over labor Day weekend…(oh did I forget to mention I scheduled that??…b/c I did!) so that is at least something to motivate us I guess!

Anyways…Happy Running!

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One thought on “Me:0 Procrastination:12,357

  1. Do they allow you to trade bibs? If so, I’d look to see if there are any on Craigslist or something.

    Yay for engagement pics. I’m regretting us not doing them.

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