Gah sorry I haven’t posted in like 10 years…I was a little intimidated by the whole “100”th post staring at me so here it is! the big 1-0-0!

Party Cake

Well there is some relevant stuff I COULD blog about…but instead I’m just gonna post some pretty pictures…because its MY 100th post and thats what I WANT to do!


I’m loving this engagement session shot by Heather and Grayson



(above 3 images from Jagger Photography…one of my new faves!)

oh and of course Khara was busy this past weekend…



I actually knew this bride back in college…I lived with one of her BMs for a year so it was fun to see these pics!  I am so jealous of this corn shot…seriously I was JUST in Nebraska and the corn was barely out of the ground…that stuff shot up quick!  Unfortuantely it won’t be this high in the beginning of June next year…maybe we could just lay on top of it?? haha.


its a good thing that umbrellas CAN look good in pics…ya know… just in case the weather doesn’t cooperate for us.

(above 3 pics from Kabloom Studios)

So I have some FUN NEWS to share…but you’re just gonna have to wait a bit….so stay tuned!!


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