Your junk…

…will probably end up at my wedding.  j/k…no but seriously…I went to an auction this weekend while I was back home and scored this.


no your eyes do not deceive you…that is an old birdcage…and yes its kinda dirty…but for $2 my friends this is gonna make one killer card holder!!  …of course it needs a bit of cleaning…and painting..but I have high hopes for this little auction find.  Oh and it came with a stand


I am not planning on using this to hold the birdcage…but apparently my aunt and mother came up with some possible alternative uses for it…so don’t be surprised if it makes an appearance at the wedding.

and of course the reason we went to the auction in the first place was for mason jars…I didn’t take any pics of the two boxes we got (for $5)….but here’s some from a previous auction my mom went to…


she got like 2-3 boxes of small and larger ones like these..pretty sweet!  I really like the blue ones…I wasn’t sure since its not technically in our color scheme…but whatever, I’m still gonna use em…I’ll just have to put some purple flowers in them!

Wedding stuff is starting to pile up…at my mom’s house luckily 🙂



we went here…it was hot but it was fun!



Murphy…my mom’s baby…literally…she carries him around like one and feeds him bacon.


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