How you picture it…

You book the venue, and you book the photographer…and then you sit and picture how well the two will “go together” so to speak.  When I booked Khara I had seen a few pictures of weddings she had shot at our venue…but only a few shots and none of a more recent wedding.   Well sitting in the Omaha airport Sunday morning waiting to head back…I scanned my google reader for something to read…and came across this… a wedding shot by Khara at CP…our venue.






We visited CP on Friday morning (this wedding was on Saturday)…and I had asked about hanging strings of lanterns with lights…well look what we have here..this bride was thinking the same thing apparently and now I don’t have to wonder what it will look like!


oh and did I mention there is a giant windmill…because there is


OK I can’t post all the pics…so to see the rest you’ll have to check out Khara’s blog.  How fun is it to see wedding pics by your photographer at your venue?!?  I personally think Khara did an amazing job capturing the look and feel of Country Pines…just as I imagined she would…and know she will for our day too.

*all images by Kabloom Studios….obv.


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