Water for Elephants=good

I finished Water for Elephants…and it was really good.  Maybe its b/c it was only like 330 pages…but I’m pretty sure this is the fastest I’ve ever read a book…even HP #7.  Now without giving too much away…it involves the circus (circa the depression era) and animals…and a love story (duh).  Some parts are hard to read…esp if you are an animal lover…but it is what it is and from what I gather Sara Gruen wrote the book after doing tons and tons of research on the traveling circus life and so its pretty darn accurate as to how things were.  Now I’m not a big circus person..and you don’t have to be to get into this book…its actually quite educational and entertaining at the same time…it gets you right from the beginning with a murder (this really isn’t giving much away…but now you want to read it don’t ya??)…..and the rest of the book you want to find out how/who/what exactly happened.  Anyways…if you’ve seen or heard about this book and have the slightest tiniest interest in it….I say read it!


I saw this series of pics over on Style Me Pretty…and to me this screams Marlena & Jacob….(from the book!)

Up next on my reading list…Wicked.  For some reason going from one book to the next is a weird adjustment for me…this book is completely different and I’m only about 15 pages in and I have NO IDEA what is going on…I seriously hope it gets better as I’m sure it will…I swear i need a dictionary on hand while I’m reading it…

A couple other books on the reading list for this summer are… “The Time Traveler’s Wife”, “The Memory Keeper’s Daugher”…and maybe “Kite Runner”…. oh and I still need to finish “Dewey”…for some reason this book has lost my interest which is weird b/c its about a cute orange tabby cat in Iowa….i love cats!


One thought on “Water for Elephants=good

  1. not to bug you three times in one day- but i will def. be reading WFE.

    ALSO – have been considering reading Wicked – saw the play in Omaha last month – LOVED IT, finally bought CD this week and can’t stop singing it (even in my sleep)… so lmk how that is!

    as i have mentioned before you will LOVE the Time Traveler’s Wife, and i think you’ll really like The Kite Runner. I just finished his other book, A Thousand Splendid Suns while in Italy… both are deep and moving – and you may want something lighter after you finish! 😉

    happy reading!

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