I have a confession…

I have a hard time making big decisions…and I tend to change my mind.  Just ask Lance…whenever we go out to eat somewhere that you have to order at the counter…I struggle…big time.  I can never pick just one thing that I want…b/c maybe in a few minutes I might want something else.  When I go shopping and find something I like in the first store…I must then go to every other store to see if there is something “better” that I might want…and then I’ll decide which item(s) I want from there.

Anyways…there was a point to this post…oh yes.  The Dress.  You see…I haven’t gone shopping since that first experience in February…and this Saturday I’m embarking on my 2nd dress shopping outting…this time here in SLC.  I looked back at my pics from the first dress shopping trip and my overall opinion…”eh.”  I don’t know…at the time I felt like i could have worn any of the dresses i tried on…but now…not so much.  Even scouring the internet ….I see lots of lovely gowns…but not sure if they are “for me”…of course I still find myself swooning over simple lace gowns…but then today I came across this dress over on The Bride’s Cafe.


maybe its because the bride has the same name as me (spelled with an f)…but there is just something about the simplicity of this dress that i love.  Turns out its a Jenny Yoo dress…and so I clicked on her link expecting her dresses to be beautiful and completely out of my price range.  Oh but wait…whats this??  ‘Wedding Alternatives‘…???  HOLY fall in love…






just pure. simple. beauty.  According to the website:

“The dresses featured in the following pages are some of our favorite bridesmaid styles transformed into wedding dress alternatives in whites and ivories.”

oh and did I mention they are ALL in my price range…I’m talking IN the range…from the ones I posted prices range between $700-$1025!  SCORE!  oh and there are super cute short dresses in the $400’s…um yes so I could get one long and one short and STILL be in my range…

So basically I have no idea what I’m going to do about a dress yet…I figure I’ll go this weekend here in town…and if I find something I love then thats that.  BUT…if I keep thinking back to these dresses…there is one place up in Park City which is about a 20min drive that seems to carry them….but I’m guessing they carry BM dresses but it might still be worth checking out.

Who knows…by next week I could totally change my mind and want big, puffy and sparkly… 🙂


One thought on “I have a confession…

  1. I really like this look. I especially like the second one from the website. My girlfriend got married in March and our bouquets were miscellaneous purple flowers, all different shades. It was really striking, having all the various hues, from reddish to blueish, all in one bundle.

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