…and we’re outta here!

Well Lance and I are off to Moab this weekend…to do some camping and hiking in beautiful southern Utah!


(the Delicate Arch…image from here)

We’re gonna try and hit up both Arches Nat. park and Canyonlands…we’re both pretty excited about it…just to get away from the city ….and lets face it…the internet.  My goal is to not discuss one single wedding related thing…we’ll see how that goes.

canlandimage from here

We’ll pry pick up a couple of these while we’re there too…


from here…yummy!

I have a list of about 10 books i want to read this summer …so I’m taking this one along to start…


I have only read about it on Amazon…but I hear its pretty good??  Has anyone read this?  Anyways…I’ll let ya know what I think after I finish.

Well have a good weekend everyone!!  If you’re lucky I’ll post some pics when I get back on Monday!


2 thoughts on “…and we’re outta here!

  1. hey i’ve been out of town for a couple weeks with no internet access so I’m just now seeing this… but I read Water for Elephants about a year and I reeeeeally liked it. I finished it in about 2 days while on vacation. Are you enjoying it so far?

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